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Installation and Maintenance Tips

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Tesla Solar

Tesla Solar is the new roofing solution from Tesla, the largest manufacturer of electric vehicles and energy storage solutions. Tesla bought Solar City and is offering the glass solar tiles for roofing. Tesla leverages the existing networking, technology, and markets of Solar City to offer the solar roofing tiles.

Tesla Solar provides two functions - building protection and solar energy generation. The glass solar tiles from Tesla replace shingles and solar panels. Glass tiles from Tesla have solar chips embedded in them to convert the sun's rays to electric energy. The glass tiles are also acting as interlocking shingles to cover the roof deck. Thus, the solar tiles are able to cover the roof and generate solar energy simultaneously. Solar tiles from Tesla are tested for impact resistance, high wind resistance, hail resistance, and so on.

Tesla installed the solar tiles and tested them for the weather elements. Elon Musk demonstrated the Tesla Solar Roofing installed in a community with different tiles offered.

Property owners can order the solar tiles directly from Tesla. The installation of the tiles must be as per the city rules, manufacturer guidelines, and solar compatible. Tesla Solar Roofing will require a skilled roofer and electrician to complete the set up. The power generated can be converted through an inverter and distributed to the electrical appliances, lighting, or electric vehicles using the circuit panel. Any extra power could be sent back to the electricity grid and result in power saving.


Tesla's distribution model could greatly eliminate the middle layers offering direct solutions to customers. Roofers can procure material from a distributor and install the Tesla Solar Roofing as per the guidelines. Electricians must complete the circuit installation and converting mechanisms.

Investors are curious about the Tesla Solar Roofing as the solution would reduce the dependency on fossil fuel imports and consumption. Solar energy generation is quiet, has least equipment, and produces less wastage. The vast amount of roofs that can be upgraded could utilize Tesla Solar Roofing and produce renewable energy right on the roof top.

Tesla Solar are installed by Solar City contractors and customers can order the tiles directly. Tesla provides an estimation of installation charges and energy savings based on the address provided. For now, the smooth and textured tiles can be ordered in the Eastern and Western states. MidWest markets are planned in future.

Tesla Solar tiles have similar standards and features as the normal shingles. The hail resistance of the glass tiles is Class 4, the fire resistance is Class A, and the wind resistance is Class F. The glass coating is also tested according to American and European standards.

Tesla is offering 30 years warranty for the power generation and weatherization capabilities. The glass tiles have lifetime warranty. The warranty is currently limited to the US installations only. Tesla glass tiles are tested for moisture resistance and zero leaks.

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Solar Roof Installation

Solar Roof Installation is a very crucial activity as it involves planning, design, implementation, and testing the solar tiles. Measurement and calculations of material and labor are a key to the roof installation. Electricians must be contacted ahead of time before installing the solar tiles. All necessary planning must be taken in accordance with the city rules and manufacturer guidelines.

Solar Roof Installation
  1. Procure all material and labor
  2. Check weather on the day of installation
  3. Prepare roof deck, chimneys, vents, attic, gutter, and flashings
  4. Prepare the electric circuit, inverter, and circuit panel
  5. Install the solar tiles by using the interlocking mechanism
  6. Complete the set up by connecting the tiles to the electric circuit
  7. Discard any waste as per the local rules
  8. Clean up the job site with minimal disruption

The solar roof installation requires appropriate permissions from the city and local energy provider. Property owner can avail any energy rebates for installation and get the energy savings over the life time of the solar tiles.

Solar Roof Maintenance


Tesla Solar Roofing requires continuous monitoring and maintenance to provide electricity to the property owner. The solar tiles from Tesla look elegant on the roof providing building protection and generating electricity. However, the solar tiles are facing constant pressure from external weather elements such as wind, rain, storm, hail, ice, snow, and moisture. The tiles must be checked by the roofer every six months or after heavy thunderstorms.

The electric circuit and solar tiles installation must be remotely monitored from a centralized location. Any deviation or disruption can notify the local roofers who can then check the solar tiles physically. Regular inspection and cleaning are a must for the solar tiles. The Tesla Solar Roofing need additional maintenance when compared to the regular shingles and solar panels. Experienced roofers and electricians can be part of the maintenance program to provide nonstop electricity to the property owner.

Cleaning leaves and debris is important for the maintenance. Checking for any break in the circuit and identifying any chipped or broken glass tiles is required. Other roof components such as flashings, gutter, vents, and so on also need continuous maintenance for the roofing and electric system to function as expected.

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group

Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in the MidWest who can install the Tesla Solar Roofing on your property. Owned by Sean Vogler, Olde Town Group can complete any contracts you may have for residential, commercial, industrial, and government solar installations.

Olde Town Roofing

Olde Town Roofing is the roofing division who have unlimited residential, commercial, and industrial roofing license. Olde Town Group has skilled and experienced crew to install the solar tiles. They can complete all the formalities and acquire permissions from local authorities to complete the Tesla Solar Roofing set up. Property owners can have worry free set up by relying on the roofers and electricians of Olde Town Group. They can assist with any paper work required for getting the energy rebates or insurance claims.

Olde Town Group Certified

Olde Town Group can install any product you prefer. They are a certified IKO Shield Pro Plus contractor from IKO, SELECT Shingle Master from CertainTeed, and Certified Installer of IB Roof Systems. The group are experienced in installing energy efficient roofs. Other products set up by Olde Town Group include IKO roofing, CertainTeed products, ZipSystem, IB Roof, James Hardie siding, Andersen windows, and so on. If you have multiple home improvement projects, Olde Town Group is the best contractor for cost savings.

Olde Town Group is licensed and bonded in multiple cities and are famous for skilled installers and professional work. They have headquarters in Moline, IL and serve thousands of customers in the MidWest. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information about Tesla Solar Roofing in your area.

Here is a brief introduction of Olde Town Group services by the owner, Sean Vogler.

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